1. The foundation supports Heath interventions by improving on freshwater sources, distribution of mosquito nets, empowering Village health teams, ambulance services, health workshops, door to door distribution of health literature and condoms, etc…. we also support existing health centers with solar power, water supply, and tents where the patients can rest as they await treatment.
  2. Talent Development and entertainment: This is mainly in football, netball, and Music, bicycling race, etc. These help the masses to stay fit but also eliminate enmity amongst the community members. They also introduce a sense of competition from which people perfect their talents and earn from them. Outstanding football players and musicians have been mentored from competitions such as SEBAMALA CUP.
  3. Education interventions: These have been categorized as per a focus group, youth have been grouped by gender, age, skills, level of education, special interests, and other factors. From the different categories we focus on the right intervention. Skilling has been done by identifying the elders at the village level that have practiced these skills for a while, such as carpenters, saloon beauticians, mechanics, drivers, and other trades then grouping the youth to be given these skills. The foundation only provides a T-shirt as the uniform for the student pays the elder that skilling and also provide skilling items such as tool boxes, carpentry equipment, etc. In line with education, the foundation staff visit schools for mentorships, speech days, and identification of needs and give budget support where resources are available. The foundation also works with religious leaders of all faiths to identify youth that need training and also follow up on their progress. Students that have failed to proceed with schools due to lack of funds or teenage pregnancies benefit from these interventions for their better future. The foundation has helped a couple of students to continue with their education after PLE, O’LEVEL or even A’LEVEL. We also plan to identify our learned people and help out in job placement as we work on job creation.

The foundation distributed 200 coffee seedlings to every village of the 147 villages that made Bukoto Central before it was reduced to 105 villages. This was done in March 2019. This intervention was to economically empower the locals to improve their earnings after two years.

The foundation working together with the area agricultural officers has continued to help farmers to access fertilizers at subsidized prices, good seedlings, poultry inputs, piggery projects support, goat rearing initiative, etc…

Agricultural seminars have been organized and the populace has benefited immensely.

The foundation has made it a duty to give civic education to the population through radio and TV shows and distribution of civic literature. The foundation also organizes civic seminars for the population to understand political structures, budgeting, procurement, accountability, management, and leadership.

Sebamala Foundation has made tremendous contributions to churches, mosques, schools, health centers and different community groups. The support comes to organized groups on submitting proposals that satisfy the board’s benchmarks for these grants.

This is an arm of the office of the Member of Parliament, that deals in agricultural empowerment. This program include land acquisition and rectification of ownership, farm inputs distribution and market surveys after harvest.

SEBAMALA AGRICULTURAL STORES received trucks from SEBAMALA FOUNDATION to help farmers transport produce to the nearest markets.

We are building a team to extend marketing services for the produce, particularly for pineapples and passion fruits, which are major cash crops in Bukoto Central constituency.

Plans are underway to acquire a fruit factory based in the constituency. With a factory in place, there will be no postharvest losses for agricultural produce.

SEBAMALA AGRICULTURAL STORES also buy produce from the farmers at fairer prices and payments made promptly.

In search for agricultural produce markets, this intervention by Bukoto Central Member of Parliament has provided transporters such as motorcycle and lorry drivers with capital to buy agricultural produce and deliver to markets.

Through seminars, the people have learned to form SACCO groups that have helped them save money with microfinance. People have learned to do profitable work, save and control expenditures.

The microfinance has also helped a great deal with education fees and tuition at no interest for its members but it has to be returned in time for the rest of the population to benefit.

Lending to individuals has been slow due to the fact that strict measures are supposed to be in place to mitigate the loss of monies. Remember this is money without collateral meant to empower the poor to join the money economy.


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